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Red metals recycling


Red Metals Recycling is one of Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan's premier metal-broker processors. We serve customers from around the entire southeastern Michigan area. Our services include the purchasing, processing, packaging, brokering and selling of all grades of metal.

We provide the highest quality products to our customers and our prices are highly competitive in the metal recycling marketplace. We have the capabilities to fulfill all of your metal recycling needs, from scrap yard metal to other sources of supply.

Evaluation of Scrap Metal Pieces


We provide complimentary metals evaluation services to accurately determine the value of what you have to offer. Regardless of the type of metal, whether its aluminum, lead, copper, titanium, nickel, brass, stainless steel or many others, we assess a value that reflects top dollar pricing in the industry.

Comprehensive Metal Recycling Services

For our commercial and industrial accounts we are able to send one of our radio dispatched trucks out to your location with a 20 to 90 yard container for you to fill up. We then pick it up in less than 24 hours and take your scrap metal back to one of our recycling centers to transform it into premium quality metal products.

red metals Recycling -  serving metro detroit

Red Metals Recycling is located in Redford, MI at 12065 Telegraph Rd. We have the capabilities to handle all of your spent metal recycling needs!

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